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Slide brand ✓ VW Caddy approx. 8 minutes.
✓ Set up time – 2 minutes
✓ Use of wire – only 0,6 meters.
✓ All Cars.
✓ Works with all types of wire.
✓ Gives the user an additional hand.
✓ Minimum of training.
✓ Made in Denmark
shop now world wide PART NO. 201008
Slide cut-out tool shop now ONE MAN K4500C-1 PART NO. One man CUT-OUT Tool can remove glued-in windscreens. The Cut-Out System is a very cost effective way of quickly introducing the wire technique to your employees. Can be used with both fiber and metal wire.

✓ Time-saving
✓ Can be operated by one person
✓ Simple and quick operation
✓ Clean, even cut
✓ Made in Denmark

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Cobra's patented Cut Out system is the first cut out product where you can use both fiber and metal wire. The system provides options for both sawing and spooling technology, which makes the product unique and user-friendly



Over time, car headlights become dull and yellow. With Cobra's Coating products, you can repair the car's headlights easily and quickly, without taking the headlight off the car. The coating liquid can be applied manually and as a spray aerosol.


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